From the mind of our Prez - Richard LaGrasta

Howdy folks, well as you can see, we are making great progress now with this being our second edition of my FYI report that will hopefully be of interest to all of you. It has been a busy summer and I hate to see it go so quickly! This coming October 13 will be our last Route 66/Safe Rides Car Show for the year, and along with it our 19th. Year will be put away in the history books and we will be officially working on our 20th. Year coming up in May of 2019!

Hard to believe we once started out as a small parking lot car show over 19 years ago. has been so successful over the years, but with lots of hard work and determination from everyone involved over the years, we’ve managed to make the Route 66 Classic Grill Restaurant in Canyon Country the most popular place to be on the 2nd Saturday night of every month starting in May and going right through to October….cool, or hot, windy or misty, we’re always there managing to put on one heck of car show, bringing classic vehicles from all over Southern California to Santa Clarita on a Saturday evening so that they can show off their classic rides & hopefully win a very highly acclaimed Rt. 66 Car Show Trophy...especially the Best of Show awards and in October, the Best of The Best award going to that one specially chosen vehicle that is just a cut above the rest, and manages to sway all of the car show judges to agree on that one classic ride that’ll take the Best of The Best Trophy home that night!

I’d like to hand out a special “Atta’ Boy” to any car club member whose managed to help out with this show over the years, especially the one car show of the season that our car club manages to “help out” the Safe Rides Gang while they are on a vacation and training leave, usually in September and let me tell you, it’s a lot of hard work with an amazing amount of coordination and planning for our car club to successfully do that show, that month. However when all is said and done, and the that show is successfully “in the history books” we can all be proud of a “job well done”, thank you all so much.
Some new and exciting things coming up for this club (well, not really earth shattering things, but still fairly exciting) like our clubs Christmas Dinner, and it’s Christmas Light Tour, some fun cruises coming up (one to Bakersfield, we aren’t done that before!) and a few other things that I’ll keep you informed on.
Will also try to get this sites pages filled with more of our club members classic vehicles and their interesting stories about their’d be surprised at some of the interesting stories that need to be told and put in print & picture!
In closing, I hope to have this site someday become a really fun site to visit and to show off some of our car clubs really unique and interesting vehicles, and of course I can’t do that without your help, so perhaps in the not too distant future, I’ll be asking for your help in putting a short but interesting story together about your own personal “Road Toy”...doesn’t have to be a full blown classic vehicle, most anything will do that has a human interest story that you’d like to tell and share with others. Stay well & take care.
          Sincerely…. “The Prez

PS…..thought I’d throw out a few “Classic SCVCCC” historical pictures for all of you to try to remember “way back when & where” they were taken, enjoy!

 ’s a hint:    If you said Lake Castaic, October 2009, you’re pretty sharp!

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