In March of 1973, I bought my first ’66 Charger from my Step-dad.  Throughout 1975 and 1976 I was buying parts for the Charger at an all Mopar junkyard in Sunland called Last Stop.  One day in 1976 (while at the junkyard) I was “shootin’ the breeze” with one of the guys there, talking about changing my 318 automatic Charger into a 383 4-speed.  The guy ...(full story)

We mentioned to our daughter that we were interested in getting a convertible & she had a friend who just happened to be interested in getting rid of his 1964 Dodge Dart GT convertible to someone who would “NOT part it out to Pick a Part.” We went to look at it & we decided it was “Ours.” It will get a new paint job; some work on the upholstery; and a new top, so we don’t get our heads wet in the near future. But its current condition is pretty good & ...(full story)

After a two-year search for a 426 Hemi powered car, I finally located a promising specimen on the east coast. The car needed some work and a lot of TLC, but I could tell I had found a diamond in the rough. After the initial car inspection and purchase, I still had the task of getting the car to California. ...(full story)