1973 Chevrolet Camaro SS


Rich Soto

My 1973 Camaro Rally Sport has been a part of me for 30 years plus. I purchased and ordered my car new from Arrow Chevrolet, Los Angeles and took possession and title in late 1972. The purchased price was $3800.00. This was my first car purchased new. I drove it frequently up until around 1988. It sat six years in my driveway in San Pedro under a cloth cover as I only had a one car garage. Anytime I took the cover off the car it seem somebody would be knocking at my door asking if I wanted to sell it. The answer was always no! During those six years living by the beach, the car did get rusty - not badly - mostly surface rust. My intentions were always to someday restore the car to new again condition. I was hoping to restore the car with my oldest son, Chris and then give it to him, but he was not interested. So, the car traveled with us to Santa Clarita in 1994 and sat some more. This time though it was stored in my three car garage. I have been working on the car, taking it apart piece by piece and renewing or replacing each and every part since January 2001.

What I have done so far: ...(full story)

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